Receive 100% Profitability from the® Platform for a Limited Time!

Deposit 0.01 BTC on your Bitmex or Deribit broker (your bitcoins will always be in your custody), and receive 100% of the profitability generated by the DexBTC Platform between June 7th and July 7th, 2022.

For questions and suggestions, please contact us by email:

For the great launch to the public, we invite everyone to use the® Platform and will receive 100% of the profitability that the system generates in their account at the BitMEX or Deribit brokerage between the 07th of June until the 07th of July 2022.

Rules to participate in the promotion of 100% profitability

1. Registration and Promotional Period: It is simple and easy, use only your name and email here. The promotion is valid for the period from 07 June to 07 July 2022.

2. End of Promotion: The promotion expires on July 07, 2022 or as soon as the profitability generated in your account reaches 200% profitability, from the achievement of this goal, the® Platform will be due to the performance fee of 50%, always remaining for the user the other 50% of the profitability.

3. Withdrawal and Use: If there is a withdrawal during the promotional period, the promotion immediately expires and the user can continue using the services of the® Platform, normally paying the performance fee when reaching the profitability of 0.01 BTC.

4. Deposits and Balances: The promotion is valid for deposits with the exact amount of 0.01 BTC in order for the Platform to work, whether on your Bitmex or Deribit account.

5. Who can participate: The promotion is valid for 1 participant per IP, if more than 1 registration of the same IP occurs, this second registration will not be eligible for the promotion.

6. Additional Deposits: If you participate in this FREE FEE promotion and your balance has additional deposits added throughout the promotion, the account will lose eligibility and pay the 50% performance fee due to the® Platform.

7. Promotion Expiration: By closing the promotion on July 7, 2022, the user will be able to give full continuity to the services of the® Platform, for this he must continue with the same PROMOTION account.

8. For questions and suggestions, please contact us at


It's safe

All deposits you make will always be direct to your account at BitMEX, Deribit or other brokers and as of February 7 2022, you will have 50% of the profitability and monthly transfer 50% to the © platform for using the decentralized service.

Once connected to your BitMEX account the system will work through API’s 100% automatically and securely without the need for any configuration or intervention on your part.

You can still follow the transactions directly in your account at the brokerage in real time or through the back-office offered by the Platform ©

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