How It Works

How it Works?

This system was named® and uses a “weight” balance system with the main indicators of the market where the main highlight is the volume flow indicators that once the platform generates purchase orders at your broker and selling Bitcoins automatically through an exclusive FRACTAAL system.

All this in a matter of seconds and working 100% automatically in the main Bitcoin brokers in the world. The surprising thing is that this team of developers and programmers managed to improve the performance of this system in a specific way for the Bitcoin market, which unlike any other asset, has a very high volatility.

The Platform

The® Platform has an incomparable and perfect technology for the largest cryptography system in the world: Bitcoin, and was developed and improved in recent years to work within the largest Bitcoin brokers on the planet such as BitMEX. 

All of this with 100% automated operation through APIs and through our exclusive and secure server that reacts in real time to market fluctuations. 

In addition to BitMEX, our® platform is already available at other major Bitcoin brokers such as and soon we will be at Binance Futures, and Our system puts ordinary people on an equal footing with the main players in the global financial market in a 100% automatic and 100% secure way.


The average daily profitability of® is linked to market volatility, therefore, variable, but we do the metric every month and in the last 6 months of 2023 the average was an incredible 0.59758545% per day and due to the high volatility of the Bitcoin market this level is constantly surpassed.

It is if the® Platform were not enough to offer this daily profitability on average, both your profits with all your capital will always be 100% under your own control and management in a definitive and non-transferable way in your account directly at the brokers.

The future is now!

There are several reasons why you should enter the automated Bitcoin Traders market, it is the most valuable currency in the world and has the highest liquidity. We can count dozens of benefits, but the main one is: Your ultimate financial independence!

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