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We developed an exclusive grid trading system + DCA (“Dollar Cost Averaging”), and through predefined intervals, purchase and sale orders are generated through an unprecedented FRACTAIS formula, working 100% automatically.

Our platform works on your account at the main brokers through the APIs of the brokers themselves (without authorization for withdrawals), carrying out trades in it completely automatically, you won’t have to worry about anything!

During the promotional launch period for the worldwide®️ platform (ending on March 7, 2022), you will have 100% of the results that the platform generates in your BitMEX or Deribit account (for exact values of 0.01 BTC), after that date and / or higher amounts, you will have 50% of the profit generated by the Platform and pay a 50% performance fee monthly to the system.

Yes that’s right! Our platform is completely safe precisely for this reason, your bitcoins will always be under your own control at the brokerage firms and you will make the POST-PAID payment, that is, you will pay the platform with the profit it generates in your account, within your panel. user will have a wallet which must pass the 50% performance fee value whenever they accumulate 0.01 BTC of income generated by the Platform, or when making a withdrawal, otherwise the system will be interrupted in your account.

The currently recommended settings are automatically defined by the Platform itself and adjust to your balance without any human intervention.

The minimum balance for the®️ platform to work in your BitMEX broker account is 0.01 BTC, this amount is already sufficient to cover BitMEX fees and generate profit in your account. There are no limits on maximum values.

Yes, of course, but before withdrawing, pause the system on your dashboard in the user area and after withdrawing and paying the performance fee due to the Platform, just ask the support to reactivate the Platform in your account.

Our system can only trade via API’s without access to withdrawals or withdrawals, the security of your funds is in your own custody and under the protection of brokerages which have their own mechanisms to prevent you from suffering any types of losses, we recommend using 2FA in all they.

We believe it is highly strategic to get you to accumulate bitcoins, as it is the most secure and liquid currency, but with it you can obviously purchase the currencies you want.

Average profitability depends on the volatility of the bitcoin market and current trends, however we issue semi-annual, monthly and weekly reports, where the average daily profit for the last 6 months is 0.59758545% per day, however we have records of moments of high volatility where the platform reached even higher percentages per day.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy or rent a VPS. The system is working on our servers, you only need to register on the website and through your dashboard insert your API’s safely.

We always choose to work at bitcoin futures brokers with high volumes and high liquidity and BitMEX as well as Deribit are among the main ones, soon you can also put him to work at Binance Futures, and

They were chosen for the reasons mentioned above in addition to the speed of execution of orders are much faster and safer than in other brokers. It was also possible to host our system on servers compatible with these brokers to further reduce the execution delay (our ping is less than 1 millisecond in each broker), and the structure of the rates used in these brokers is very similar.

The system is configured to prioritize security first, so it checks requests issued every 1 millisecond to ensure that in the event of a lost connection, no position will be left open without being executed. Therefore, in the event of a small interruption, the system will resume its work after the connection is restored exactly at the point where it was interrupted, our secure servers guarantee an activity greater than 99.978% of the time.

The system works automatically, so it assumes that you have sufficient funds to carry out the orders. If there is not enough balance due to withdrawals made without using the button on your dashboard: “Pause operation on Profit”, this may lead to losses. If it is necessary to withdraw bitcoins from your account at the broker during the system’s operation, first pause the system on your dashboard and after withdrawing, simply ask the support to reactivate the Platform in your account.

Yes, you can ask any questions in the official Telegram Support chat, where the attendants and the users themselves can help you.

Our exclusive grid trading + DCA (“Dollar Cost Averaging”) formula with fractals has an internal StopLoss protection for all customers, thus avoiding losses if the market becomes unfavorable to its operations.

Our Platform understands that an affiliation program or something similar is completely inadequate for the credibility and good functioning of the Platform, if something is really good and true it must be shared naturally without financial incentives for that. In fact, thus avoiding numerous problems and distortions arising from this form of dissemination.

There is no predefined number of trades, the system does this according to your vision and market strategy through our exclusive FRACTAAL formula and the more volatile the market is the more orders will open, however users will notice that as current but relative systems outdated technologies open only a few orders a day, the Platform opens dozens and sometimes hundreds of PAGES.

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