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Over the past 7 years, an independent team of programmers and systems development from around the world got together and started to track, identify and code the tracks left by HFT’s (supercomputers), from the largest and most gigantic financial corporations in the world.

After several studies and by mapping the source code, the team developed an exactly the same but compact system that is 100% comparable and as efficient as HFT’s.

Through the DexBTC.io® Platform we offer this technology to you!

In more than 6,000 years of the history of civilization Bitcoin is the first world currency produced in a completely decentralized way where the entire network can publicly and in real time monitor its supply and the smoothness of the process.

In centralized and monopolized economic systems by a few such as the US Federal Reserve, governments control the supply of money by freely printing fiat money or by requiring additions to digital bank ledgers.

However, it’s not like Bitcoin and now you can monetize it 100% automatically and securely by competing head to head with the biggest giants in the global financial industry. Our main objective is to make this technology accessible to anyone, from ordinary investors to major market traders.

The future is now!

There are several reasons why you should enter the automated Bitcoin Traders market, it is the most valuable currency in the world and has the highest liquidity. We can count dozens of benefits, but the main one is: Your ultimate financial independence!

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